Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nike Plus and iPod

Well, I bought the Nike + attachment for my iPod nano about a week ago.

Everything has worked fine - haven't found it to be 100% accurate, but good enough for my efforts - but now the Nike site hasn't worked for me for 2 days, so I haven't been able to retrieve or upload any of the last 3 workouts I've had.

I called customer service and they said they're working on it.

The graphics are pretty cool but the interface plain sucks. Do they really need to do it with flash? Can't they combine it with regular html, php, asp, ajax or whatever the heck they program with nowadays?

Take something like Google Analytics... It's an awesome interface, you can customize reports and it's not freakin' Macromedia Flash.

Please, Nike, I know you're reading this... So go ahead and fix your site so I can go back to being happy.